All new file manager – First insider build brings a design overhaul to the file manager. The file manager now follows the overall design language of Windows 11. The file manager now feels very clean and easy to understand. The new icons in the file manager just the icing on the cake. Now just restart your PC and you are all set to experience the brand-new Windows 11 from Microsoft on your old PC.

  • Then exit Diskpart, close command prompt and continue the installation.
  • But its battery life won’t last a full day of work or classes.
  • This will bring up the Command Prompt, where various commands to control the system can be entered.
  • Microsoft has also increased the size of hitboxes around app windows so that they are easier to resize with touch as well.

I can move through multiple open programs at once without them slowing down. That feature alone has been so helpful when I have a few heavy programs running. We need to take into account both extremes when choosing between these two versions of Windows. There are the people that can’t wait to update and those who are content with Windows 10 indefinitely. There can be a happy medium where we all agree that not every change is inherently good just because it’s different. But we also have to continually move forward with the advancement of computer interface technology.

Can my PC run Windows 11?

This includes the ability to drag and drop apps onto the taskbar or easily create shortcuts of most used apps by dragging them onto the taskbar of Windows 11. There’s also a new way of managing different apps that are open called Snap Groups. Many of the in-box apps on Windows 11 have been updated with new designs, and in some cases, new features too. Microsoft has finally updated the Windows Ink Workspace, now called the “Pen menu” that gives you quick access to pinned apps that are designed with inking in mind. What’s great is that it’s finally customizable, so you can put any app of your choice in there. I’ve got OneNote, Paint, and Adobe Photoshop in mine.

One category is what I’d call classic, and one is what I’d call trendy. With a trendy design, that’s something that we look back on in a decade or two, wondering what we were thinking, even though it looks good in the moment. A classic design is something that, even after it’s gone out of style, is still beautiful. Once you get past the out-of-box experience, you’re going to notice that Windows looks completely different.

Windows 11 Dev Build 25163 Reintroduces the Taskbar Overflow

So, for now, Windows 10 gamers can access the same feature set assuming they have the right hardware to support it, but that won’t be true for long. Whether upgrading from Windows 10 to Windows 11 is worth it or not depends on what you’re using your PC for. If you don’t care much about multitasking, touch control, and gaming, you can stick to Windows 10 until Microsoft adds more features. The current changes aren’t that revolutionary for the average Windows users.

Some of the actual beta testers will now have to downgrade to Windows 10

The Photos widget is nice, but it’s not something that makes me want to open the widgets panel to begin with. I’m also not a huge fan of how the widgets panel will force you into Microsoft Edge at any given opportunity. I do like how this implementation reduces the amount of flyouts that come straight from the Taskbar. Having all these options in one panel makes the UX feel much less cluttered and convoluted, which is the whole point of Windows 11. I really like this new Quick Settings panel, as you can now configure things like Wi-Fi without being sent into the Settings app first.